Christmas Wreath

The Christmas Wreath collection is the ideal choice for a festive Christmas or New Year's table. With its classic Christmas colour palette featuring deep burgundy paired perfectly with dark green, this set will enhance any tableware and create an unforgettable festive atmosphere in your home.

Christmas Bell

The Christmas Bell collection draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Wimbledon, where Wimbledon Park represents not only a lush area but also a serene suburb characterized by typical English red brick houses situated to the South and East of the park. It will provide the opportunity to achieve a traditional yet modern approach to a festive table setting.

Wooden placemats

Introducing the magnificent wooden placemats that are as stylish as they are practical. Crafted from the finest wood fiber and finished with a lacquer top, this is the luxurious basics for every day. Choose your inspiration from four charming collections - Petite Maison, Bamboo, Kaleidoscope and Wild Garden.


Each piece in the Oyster collection requires about 4 hours of intricate embroidery and meticulous handwork for cutting and finishing the edges. Its classy and elegant shape complements a wide range of tableware and lends a festive touch to your table setting. 100% linen.

Willow linen

One of the most exquisite and sophisticated pieces you will come across. Each item is taking over 5 hours to produce from the initial hand-cutting to the careful stitching and embroidery. Drawing inspiration from the delicate pussy-willow buds, each piece reflects attention to details, making it a true work of art. 100% linen

Fountain de Jouy

Fountain de Jouy - bestseller shape in beloved Toile de Jouy print, cherished by the French aristocracy, drawn inspiration from the elegant designs of Chinese porcelain. It effortlessly brings a splash of colour to your table, adding a delightful french touch to any occasion


Modern and asymmetrical Eclipse placemats break away from traditional patterns. The bold and dynamic shapes create an eye-catching tablesetting. Whether you choose to go with a single colour or mix and match various hues, placemats would look trendy and chic! 100% linen.

Orangery faux leather

The Orangery faux leather fan-shaped placemats are not only visually striking, but also designed with functionality in mind. The finest faux leather material in combination with luxurious velvet accents is exceptionally durable and easy to take care of it. It gives an extraordinary option for creating a special atmosphere day-to-day like 1, 2, 3!


The Infinite collection is a modern classic for table settings. With verified geometric shapes, harmonius proportions, and meticulous finishing, it suits both modern and classic interiors when combined with materials like wood, marble, and glass. We recommend matching it with coasters from the same collection for a cohesive look.


Introducing the Octagon collection, where the items, characterized by their correct shapes and stylish colour combinations, offer not only visual aesthetic delight but also versatile interior decor accessories.

Concept 1.0

The Concept 1.0 collection is a vibrant addition for those who not only arrange dining tables but also host receptions, cocktails, and art breakfasts. It offers a modern reinterpretation of placemats, extending beyond the table to become a standalone accessory for home decor.


Introducing the Crystal collection, a mesmerizing ensemble with its sparkling and imaginative design. Offered in two colour combinations, either in light blue or dark blue velvet paired with white faux leather, it brings a touch of sophistication and celebration to any occasion.


Water lilies inspired Claude Monet for 250 canvases, and we were inspired to create a collection of fancy linen placemats available in four colors: light green, blue, white and tiffany. 100% linen.


Introducing "Fantasy", an opulent table linen collection that transcends imagination and sets the stage for extraordinary dining experiences. 100% linen with a touch of magic!

Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol collection narrates the tale of a highly fashionable and sophisticated table setting. The blend of snow-white faux leather, royal blue velvet, and a charming velvet bow renders its items exceptionally appealing.

Winter Star

The versatility of the Winter Star collection makes it a tablescaping superstar! Trimmed with an intricate poinsettia detail (a botanical Christmas icon) and available in two colour ways - a classic crimson and emerald or ivory and gold faux leather, this set oozes charm and will see you through cozy breakfasts gatherings to evening soirees.


Introducing the Blossom Collection, a homage to Jane Austen novels. Our placemats capture the essence of a heroine wandering through a flowering garden. What porcelain did she drink her tea from? Combining linen and cotton finishes, charming tassels, delicate cherry blossoms, and exquisite color combinations, we create a delightful dining experience. 100% linen.

Oyster faux leather

Oyster faux leather is a special version of the classic Oyster collection, drawing inspiration from the elegant and textured shape of an oyster. The products in this collection are made of the finest quality faux leather with a cotton thread finish, that adds a touch of sophistication to the item. Faux leather is exceptionally easy to care for!