Golden bees

New Year's collection Golden Bees – a little black dress in a perfectly matched wardrobe decor of the festive table. Made in a luxurious combination of gold and burgundy, it creates a very attractive, noble pair.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wrap is the perfect set for a festive New Year's table. The collection is made in a classic Christmas palette - shades of bordeaux are perfectly combined with dark green. Any set will play with this set, and an unforgettable festive atmosphere will hover in the house.

Christmas Bell

If you were looking for the perfect set for a festive table decor, made in a noble burgundy-green palette, we have prepared this collection for you, anticipating your wishes.


If we draw parallels between an ordinary wardrobe and a table wardrobe, a tablecloth, of course, will be a dress. The basis that sets the mood and determines what the accessories will be: place mats, runners, dishes, cutlery and flowers. Our collection of Tabledress tablecloths ranges from everyday basics in cotton or linen to genuine haute couture pieces with intricate embroidery and beading, created by designers from around the world.