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Introducing an elegant collection of cutlery cases crafted in a variety of luxurious materials and designs. From sleek velvet and faux leather styles to intricate linen patterns, each case adds a touch of sophistication to your dining experience. Enhance your table setting by pairing them with matching placemats for a finishing touch of refinement.

Envelope for serving cutlery is not just a table decoration. It dates back to the Middle Ages time, so today it has a certain legendary-based effect. With such an item, it is possible to do a lot of things more: keep a secret note, make a signal with color or hide special tableware.

Today, envelope for serving cutlery has 2 main roles:

  • style: unusual event must be unique in everything related to decorations and emotions;
  • hygiene: in order to protect health, all the cutlery must be stored and served under reliable protection.

You can buy an envelope for serving cutlery with us, at online boutique TRUFFLE BEE. We have a separate catalog only of these items. And it seems unlikely that anyone will have a more refined proposals.