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About napkins

Our napkins, available in a variety of styles and colour combinations, are perfect for any occasion. They can be used as a matching set with a placemat, individually, or as an addition to a tablecloth.

Material: Linen

Color: White | Green | Red | Yellow | Blue | Brown | Gray |

Napkins for setting a table may seem like an ordinary little thing - but only until you sit down at that table. This simple woven accessory changes the entire look in a surprisingly subtle and incredibly instant way. You can take any dishes - serving napkins for plates will take your mood to aristocratic and luxurious feeling.

You can buy napkins for plates on the table with us. Online boutique TRUFFLE BEE offers an incredible range of woven napkins:

  • design in smooth or even intricate lines;
  • simple or elaborately embroidered napkins for table setting;
  • muted shades or special-made brighter colors ;
  • many styles, each of which evokes a wide range of emotions.

Buy napkins for plates is a task for a true connoisseur, but we will help you cope with it quickly and very smartly.