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About placemats

Truffle Bee specialises in the creation of full table wardrobes, beginning with luxurious placemats and ending with decorative bows and egg cosies. Our brand’s DNA is composed of a play of textures and shapes, a beautiful array of colour combinations, intricate finishes and elaborate details.

Material: Linen | Velvet | Cotton | Eco-leather | Cotton |

Color: Black | White | Green | Red | Yellow | Blue | Brown | Gold | Burgundy |

Form: Round | Fan-shaped | Square |

When you want to buy a really exquisite napkin for serving a daily meal, a holiday or a personal special date, we will be glad to present a catalog of those items.

Such items are called placemats on the table. We have them, for every kind of taste:

  • wide range of styles and decoration options;
  • of design concepts and palette of colors;
  • single items or whole sets of Placemats on the table;
  • accessible prices and pleasant purchase conditions.

Online boutique TRUFFLE BEE invites you to buy a Placemats on the table at any convenient moment. It's inexpensive, fast and makes a lot of fun.